by Collapser

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recorded over two days with Ryan Pyle at the Monster House in waldorf, maryland, except "Direction/Location" which was recorded in a bathroom in washington, DC. all songs written by collapser.


released May 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Collapser Washington, D.C.

Whiskey-tinged rock-and-roll punk from the Nation's Capital.

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Track Name: Iron Lung
i held these empty lines
echoes of the blood that scrapes through my veins
i'm not looking to stay

and in the mirror i still fix my eyes
on the scar just below my ribs
i'll spend a lifetime recovering
from sins that i was born with

so let my eyes drift out focus
let my rotten stomach turn
let the faulty, fraying wires
bring me all the warmth of an iron lung

clawing at a curse in the vacant dark
an idea of the dream i've been wanting to find
built from things that once were mine

somewhere in chicago
there's a saint who won't be catching fire tonight
we won't be catching fire tonight
i won't be catching fire tonight
Track Name: Transitioner
is the sky still falling?
i haven't the time to tell myself.
but we're still here,
decoded & purposed, alive & well

keep your head down.
keep your eyes focused on the ground.

this is the last great weight upon my chest.
this is the last great wait.

does the sound still bother you?
i can't hear it much myself anymore.
that bell curve is ringing low.
never mind what you've been running towards.

swollen summer won't you lead me astray.
keep me a state's length away.

does the weight still burden you?
does the wait make you anxious too?
Track Name: Crooked Teeth
you can tell all those pretty hearts that know your name
they can't give you what i can
and i will stumble on into the night
a wasted dream of guiding light

you won't catch me hanging around
to kick my feet in search of ground
just swing me out over the crowd
i spoke the truth, i'd say. only the truth

don't keep me a long time waiting
the weight of words has left me shaking

all the kings horses and all the kings men
are asleep at the wheel, counting days like sheep again
Track Name: Fifty-One
howl with me baby
i know you fear that wild wind too
we are lonely and we are the only ones with nothing to do
i bite my tongue, i scrape my knees, i scratch my name into city streets
they'll remember longer than me

o death, here it comes around again
and i won't let it go
i can't let it go

so go tell everyone your name
honestly i'm not so sure a goddamn thing would change
sometimes the only way i know it's still alive
is the scratches from the animal inside

mister i am old enough to see
you and i, we don't seek such different things
i'd like to be in love, and you'd like me to believe
however fading, in that all-american dream
Track Name: Direction/Location (Home Recording)
for a summer slow and saccharine
i get low
come august we'll be free like leaves on the breeze to ebb and flow

so ground yourself in the glass
and hold me just to keep from shaking loose
how sweet it seems to have a path beneath my feet
better lost than asleep

i was never told boy don't fear getting old
it's a privilege many won't get to know
so whisper me the answer
or let someone else say it better
and i'll float until i find an anchor to grab hold

but hollow eyes and a cynic's grin
adorn the faces of those i've been swimming with
but who am i to disagree with the bed you've made for me?
sing sweet, o sirens
carry me to sleep